Open Government Plan 2017 - 2018

Catalonia is committed to encourage and to consolidate open government as well as to constantly improve the country’s democratic quality. Open government habits and tools, such as transparency and open data portals, are spread across all Catalan territory. However, open government can still be improved and strengthened in a lot of ways.

Open government is a way of conceiving the relations between citizens and the Administration. It is based on the opening of public information, using collective intelligence, cocreating public policies and accounting to the citizens.

The Plan of Open Government 2017-2018 gathers all of the public policies by the Government of Catalonia that are destined to consolidating, improving and strengthening open government in Catalonia in the next two years. It is made up of 5 areas of action: transparency, open data, good government, citizen participation and cultural change, and it includes more than 100 actions in order to put these areas into practice

The Plan will be monitored in order to check that its objectives are achieved in due time, through several tools: monitoring reports and indicators periodically published in the Portal of Transparency of the Government of Catalonia, an annual evaluation and regular information on the level of execution of the Plan to be sent to the Interdepartmental Committee for Transparency and Open Government (CITGO).

The start-up of the Plan broadens the transparency policies from recent years, which are summed up in the Strategic plan for Transparency 2015-2017.