Committee for the Guarantee of the Right of Access to Public Information

The Committee for the Guarantee of the Right of Access to Public Information is an independent body appointed by the Parliament of Catalonia to which you can submit a claim free of charge in the event that any of the bodies of the Catalan public administration has not managed your request to access public information satisfactorily for any of these reasons:

  • If your request was totally or partially denied.
  • If the information provided by the Administration is not what you requested or is not complete.
  • If, despite the fact that your request was accepted (specifically or by administrative positive silence one month after it had been submitted), at least 30 days have passed and the Administration has not provided you with the information.

You can also submit a claim to the Committee if a body of the administration has delivered public information affecting your rights.

The period to submit you claim is one month from the date of notification of the total or partial dismissal of the information request, or from the due date of the 30-day period that the Administration has to provide information. It is not necessary to lodge an appeal in advance but if you have done so, you will not be able to submit your claim until the appeal has been dismissed specifically or by administrative silence 30 days after you presented it.

Optionally, you can request the Committee to organise a mediation procedure with the Administration you are making the claim against in order to reach an agreement within the one-month period.

If an agreement cannot be reached in the mediation process, or if you prefer not to use this procedure, the Committee will have a period of two months from the submission of your claim to make its decision and its resolution will be binding for the administrations.

You can lodge an administrative appeal against the Committee 's resolutions.